The question: “DO YOU BELIEVE IN Apes MAN – Man was a Monkey?

The question “DO YOU BELIEVE IN Apes MAN – Man was a Monkey?” caught my attention. It was obviously asking about the reader’s position regarding biological Evolution, and most likely as it related to Creationism.

I found this question posed on a LinkedIn group called “New Philosophy Network.” It was submitted by a a teacher at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia. In his opening argument he states “I reject this fallacy that We develop From the Animal Kingdom, monkey to human?”

I found the question and subsequent dialog intriguing because the whole “creation versus evolution” has been the hottest topics related to the relationship between science and religion.


I submit that an evolutionist fully would agree that he or she also does not believe that people evolved from monkeys!

I state this for two reasons.

First, the model that we know as evolution is not based on belief. It is based instead on observations made by biologists and geneticists. This body of detailed recorded observation spans several hundred—no several thousand—years. The resulting biological model has evolved, ever changing as new observations make previous models obsolete.

This process is illustrated in this simple model of someone observing a tree.

The model is based on observation.

From these observations, the discipline known as evolutionary biologists has built a detailed set of interlocking models that represents the content of their body of observations. These models include genetics, physical characteristics, and the environment to name a few.

Not being a trained biologist, I must admit that I am not qualified to critique the details of their various models.  What I do know is that the cornerstone of science is verification, a process that works to ensure that the observations and as much as possible are objective.

Second, as the evolutionary model currently stands, humans, apes, and monkeys share a common ancestor. Here is a representation of the common ancestor to apes, monkeys, and people. So no. Humans have not evolved from monkeys, at least as the evolutionary model stands today. Here is a graph showing how we share a common ancestor.

Graph depicting common ancestor

Graph of common ancestors (1)

Let me submit that the author is posing the wrong—and irrelevant—question.

A person of faith should be asking, “Is my relationship with Divine is so tenuous that a human model of the universe, such as the earth rotating around the sun or a biologist’s representation of animal genealogy, challenges that relationship?”

(1) “Why We Did Not Evolve from Monkeys: Human Common Ancestry Explained,”  by ConnorDavidson