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Paradox: An Insight into the Nature of Truth

I recently finished reading Healing the Divide by Amos Smith.  See http://amossmith.org.

Since we have a shared interest, we exchanged books last fall, and I finally got around to reading it. Am I glad I did!

We have scheduled a discussion at his church, Church of the Painted Hills, UCC, in Tucson Arizona to share our perspective insights. The date will be May 4th, 2014.


What resonated for me about Healing the Divide was his extensive discussion of the role of paradox in understanding  the nature of the Divine. (I was 2/3 of the way through the book thinking the title was “Healing the Divine.”)

Amos specifically focusses on the paradox within Christian theology of Jesus being both human and divine, labeling it “The Jesus Paradox.”

Amos Smith provided a much-appreciated context of this paradox by describing the linguistic roots of early Christian thought found in the Greek concept of  Miaphysite: “one dynamic united nature.”

Amos’ use of paradox connects with me because when writing “Exploring the Gap between Science and Religion” I found myself exploring paradox to be a useful in understanding the universe around us.

I define the Paradox Principle on page 136 as follows:

Things are both what the are defined to be and their exact opposite.

I go on to say: “The paradox principle is the vortex where definition meets the indivisible universe.”

On page 17 of Healing the Divide, Amos provides a quote from author Thomas Keating that reflects this same insight regarding paradox:

 The great truths can only be expressed in paradox.
— Thomas Keating.

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